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Device Protection Plan

What is the ACP&Lifeline Experts Device Protection Plan?

The ACP&Lifeline Experts test every device for operational functionality prior to the device being shipped to our customers. We recognize that less than 1% of all devices we ship can become damaged throughout the shipping process.

NOTE: Did you know that many Smartphone and Tablets will become defective due to the following:
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Excessive Dropping of the Device
  • Water damage of any origin
  • Device being Lost or Stolen
  • Device being hacked or infected with malicious software

Acceptance in the ACP or Lifeline Program requires that each participating Service Provider is responsible for providing each eligible household (1) working Smartphone or (1) working Tablet. If you are applying for a device bundle under ACP & Lifeline, then it is expected that both your Smartphone and Tablet be functional and operational at the time of delivery. If your device has a factory defect and does not work, your device(s) carries a 30 day device warranty and must be shipped back to the Service Provider within that time in order to receive a FREE replacement shipped back to you. If your device is not working once you receive it, contact The ACP&Lifeline Experts Customer Service at (386)601-4391 during our hours of operation and we will instruct you how to receive a new replacement device right away.

The ACP&Lifeline Experts will offer you the option of enrolling into our Device Replacement Plan for a $5.00 month per premium. The $5.00 premium payment must be paid at the time your Application is approved and prior to your device(s) being shipped to you. If you elect to participate in The Device Protection Plan you must participate and stay active each month by paying your $5.00 premium in order to process a claim in tghe event your phone become lost, stolen, or damaged. The Device Protection Plan is applicable to Android Smartphones only,  and must be paid  every month on your device(s) activation date in order to remain active on The Device Protection Plan. You may file a claim after your 30 day warranty period expires. If you decide to file a claim with the intentions of receiving a replacement device, you (the customer) will have a $40.00 deductible that will need to satisfied before we will ship you a new replacement device. There is no insurance coverage for Smartphone Tablets. If the customer is current in their $5.00 monthly premium payments and files a claim for a new replacement device, then The ACP&Lifeline Experts will ship you a new Android Smartphone replacement device to the address we have on file immediately once your respective deductible has been satisfied. You are limited to (2) claims per year as a member of The Device Protection Plan.

Can I Choose My Device?

You may choose any model of Smartphone (Smartphone or Tablet) that we offer in The ACP and Lifeline Program. All device model(s) are based on current availability of that particular device and are subject to change at the time of enrollment. The ACP&Lifeline Experts reserves the right to assign whatever device model(s) of our choosing based on availability at the time of application approval. The ACP&Lifeline Experts will do our best to acquire the best and most popular models of Smartphones and Tablets in the marketplace. You will have the option to choose from our list of Smartphones and Tablets when you fill out your application.

* If you are requesting a Tablet, the $10.01 must be paid prior to the device being shipped to the address on your application.

* If you are participating in The Device Replacement Plan, your $5.00 premium must be paid prior to the device being shipped to the address on your application.

If you have any questions regarding enrollment in The Affordable Connectivity Program, the Lifeline Program, the Device Protection Plan, or becoming an Internet Online Agent, Master Agent, Agent, or work as An Enrollment Specialist and Customer Service Agent, or have questions or comments on any topic or subject related to The ACP & Lifeline Experts services, or you have general questions or inquiries related to The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) lor Lifeline Program, please contact our Customer Service Department by phone or text at (386) 601-4391 or (386)248-7451, 24 hours 7 days per week, 365 days per years or email your questions or comments to

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